Crackling/Popping noises in Wavelab 9.5

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Crackling/Popping noises in Wavelab 9.5

Post by MrDonuts54 »

Hello, I've been getting horrendous crackling and popping sounds whenever I load up any file into Wavelab Pro 9.5. This goes for any song I have recorded so far and any audio files that I insert. Once the file is exported, it sounds perfectly normal with no crackling and popping issues, but I am unable to use Wavelab Pro 9.5 for audio mastering while the crackling and popping sounds are present. I'm not sure if this is a software problem with the program or a hardware issue with my system.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Crackling/Popping noises in Wavelab 9.5

Post by Rat »

This is obviously far from normal.

To assist, what OS are you on. Also, some basic info on your soundcard/DA setup would be helpful.

Are you using UA cards or devices anywhere? There are reported issues on some systems recently.

In short, there's not quite enough information to be constructive.


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