Need Information about D-PRE mic/line Jack

This section is about Steinberg's UR-C audio interfaces product range
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Need Information about D-PRE mic/line Jack

Post by mula-chan »

Hi guys!! hi everyone! how's it going?

I have a doubt, a technical doubt, about "what is" and "what is its function" regarding to D-PRE name in the Jack on the input card...

Only that! i am new in this world and I need to know everything I can jejeje! :) I will create more topics similar to this with another technical name issues I have because i am introducing me slowly in the external sound card world! And it is soooooooo big!! jejeje!

Bye Bye!!!
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Re: Need Information about D-PRE mic/line Jack

Post by ca-booter »

Please check the manual or Steinberg/Yamaha website for information about this, very easy
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