VST Transit license still on old eLicenser

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VST Transit license still on old eLicenser

Post by Geppastro »

I have just bought WaveLab Pro 9 and transferred my Cubase Pro 8.5 license to the new eLicenser included with WaveLab. eLicenser Control Center now shows no licenses for the old eLicenser, but on my mySteinberg account -> eLicensers, when I click the down arrow to expand the old eLicenser information, I see the following message below "Delete registration":

"Warning: this USB-eLicenser contains a license that enables the usage of VST Transit. Deleting this USB-eLicenser from the account blocks full access to an available VST Transit account"

Then, once disconnected the old eLicenser from the PC, I have tried to access VST Transit, and it seems to be working.

I guess that when a Cubase Pro license is transferred to a new e-Licenser, the included VST Transit license is copied to the new eLicenser, instead of transferred (i.e. in the end you'll have VST Transit license on both the eLicensers): may that be correct?

Can someone please confirm it is safe now to delete the old eLicenser from my mySteinberg account?


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Re: VST Transit license still on old eLicenser

Post by Spork »

HI Paolo,

Thank you very much for your report. At the moment we're investigating this scenario. We'll come back if we have an answer.

See you,
Michael Spork, Developer
Hamburg, Germany

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I have same problem..

Post by limfrog1004 »

In 'my steinberg' menu, I can see that my old e-licenser have license of VST Transit.

How could I transfer VST Transit license to new e-licenser, and delete the old e-licenser from my account?

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Re: VST Transit license still on old eLicenser

Post by musicullum »

afaik the license follows your Cubase license so when you move that, the VST Transit license goes along with it.

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Re: VST Transit license still on old eLicenser

Post by psmarios »

Any news regarding this? I also have the same problem!
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