Omnisphere 2 is very sluggish

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Omnisphere 2 is very sluggish

Post by Firpow »

Omnisphere 2 seems to have become very sluggish within Cubase for me. At first, the plugin feels responsive but after several minutes of working, browsing and selecting sounds in Omnisphere becomes very slow. Clicking on a sound freezes the scrolling of the Omnisphere browser for 5-10 seconds which is also roughly the time it takes to load a single sound. This makes the plugin virtually inpossible to work with.

I have been in contact with Spectrasonics customer service and uninstalled and reinstalled Omnisphere to no avail. I have also updated my Cubase version from 9.5 to 10.5 without any effect.

Nothing seems to help. Has anyone experienced anything similar with Omnisphere? Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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Re: Omnisphere 2 is very sluggish

Post by henrikmusic »

Do you have Omnisphere 2.6 ?.
Its free for all registred Omnisphere 2 owner.
I think, if i recall it, when i did install
Omnisphere 2.5 , Omnisphere became really slow,
sluggish, even loading sound.
After installing 2.6, Omnisphere became fast,
no more problems.
I have Omnisphere 2.6 installed on a ssd.
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