Virtual Guitarist 2 not installing on Intel

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Virtual Guitarist 2 not installing on Intel

Post by danielwehr »

Hi there,

I know Virtual Guitarist 2 is not supported anymore but I like
it much better than the new virtual guitarist - concept as well as sound. I love the old plug in so much!

That being said, I'm trying to install the Binary Update and I always get the
message: "The installation failed. The installer could not install the
software because there was no software found to install." and of course my
old installed Virtual Guitarist says "can't open the application "Virtual
Guitarist 2" because Power PC applications are no longer supported." It
seems a Catch 22!

Maybe you can help. I found several threads to this subject in the forum
(mostly about content not being found) and Steinberg's binary update steps,
however I don't even get that far. I cannot install update because software
not found, I cannot install software because of PowerPC.
It seems that people get it to work and it's working on a friends computer.
What am I missing?

I'm on Mac OS 10.12.6 with Logic Pro. iLicenser is updated to newest version.

Much appreciated.

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Re: Virtual Guitarist 2 not installing on Intel

Post by ensoniq_ts10 »

I think there is update on the Steinberg site that supports intel macs
windows 10 x64. Cubase 10.5. x64. slightly overclocked i7-8700k. 32GB ram. 2x 2TB m.2 nvme SSDs

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