Cubase hangs on exit if midex 8 is connected

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Cubase hangs on exit if midex 8 is connected

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Using windows 7 64 bit... if the midex 8 is connected cubase will hang on every exit. I then have to force a shutdown of cubase. this results in all midi devices being lost so I have to re-install EVERY device. if I uninstall the midex 8 W7 drivers cubase does NOT hang on exit and works find (but no midi!!!)

also program changes do not work all the time, notes hang forcing me to turn of my outboard device, volume slider stops responding. If I stop transport and then restart all volumes are reset....

I have un-installed and re-installed drivers many times with no luck...

does anyone have any clues??

Cubase 7.5 (64 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), i7 Quad core 16GB ram, Wavelab 7, Mackie DXB, CC121, KRK VXT6, KRK 10s sub, Motu 2408 x 2 via PCIe 424, Motu midi express, Superior Drummer, BFD2, Addictive Drums, Studio drummer, Steven Slade Drums, UAD-2 Duo, Lexicon 224, Roland XV5080, Yamaha TG500, Darbuka, Latigo, Xphraze, NI Guitar Rig 5, Waves GRT3, Eastwest (Pianos gold/Symphonic Orchestra platinum/Goliath/Storm Drums 2/Ra/Voices of passion/Symphonic Choirs/Ministry of Rock)

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