Helm & Sequel 3 Problems

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Helm & Sequel 3 Problems

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I recently discovered Matt Tytel's Helm synthesiser online, and was highly impressed by its capabilities!

I got the VST3 plugin working in Sequel 3, but, a few days later, for some reason there seemed to be no output from the instrument plugin, and Sequel now throws errors such as ‘A disk overload occurred during freezing!’ when trying to freeze the instrument track, or occasionally when saving a file. The visualisation at the top of Helm’s interface still shows sound waves, and all other visualisations in the plugin graphics itself seem to suggest that it’s working.

I was wondering if there were any thoughts about what might have gone wrong!

My setup is as follows:
Steinberg Sequel 3
Windows 10 64bit
Helm VST3 32bit (for Sequel)

I’ve tried re-installing both Sequel and Helm, but the problem remains. I have also removed all other VST plugins.

The standalone version works fine, however.

Thanks in advance!

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