Pool - 'play audio' feature

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Pool - 'play audio' feature

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I'd like the ability to play a file in the pool by holding a modifier key ----- 'select/hold' with mouse to hear playback --

For instance if the pool window is selected - hitting the CTR or ALT would turn the mouse into a play tool - once clicked and held would play the file selected

the thing that's inefficient in the pool is having to select a file and then mouse up and hit the play button --

I know in the 'search' portion of the pool you can set it to 'play file when selected' - but that only works in that pane of the pool -- honestly having the ability to use a modify key in that situation would be good too -- I'm not 100% fan of it automatically playing a file when selected either -- I'd much rather have muscle memory take over after a while and just be auditioning the files I want to hear --

if you wanted to make it even cooler -you would also apply this logic to the "IMAGE" tab in the pool -- this would allow you to select the part in the file you want to audition -- helpful with long files

Selecting the file would play - from beginning
Selecting in the IMAGE window would play from where clicked

thanks and good luck
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