Mi4 problem. Please help!!

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Mi4 problem. Please help!!

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I am fairly new to cubase. I have Cubase 5, I know its old however thats what I have to deal with. I also have a mi4. I want to be able to record with a dynamic mic. I have several condensers as well, however I will probably be using an Audio Technica AE6100 (Dynamic). Ive set the VST system to the mi4 USB ASIO Driver. It shows 2 inputs: Mi4 Channel A and B and for outputs:Line Out L and Line Out R. The tricky part is when setting up the VST Connections. I will record in Mono from Channal A(Those are the set up inputs). However as I try to add a Mono Out for Outputs, it only gives me Line Out L and Line Out R. I thought Mono would just give you one output becuase its mono(attached are several screenshots of what im talking about). Ive tried all the combinations of inputs and outputs but I cannot get a signal on the to record(Besides the power signal, nothing else on the Mi4 is turned on. As if the mic isnt being powered). Please Help!!

Attached are several screenshots
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