Cubase Pro 10.5 - MIDI-keyboard cuts off

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Cubase Pro 10.5 - MIDI-keyboard cuts off

Post by Tama »


Anybody else experiencing this problem?

Im using Cubase Pro 10.5. When Im using my MIDI-keyboard, it works fine, but all of a sudden, there is no sound, or no signal in, and I have to restart my Mac to make it work again.

Is it just me?
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Re: Cubase Pro 10.5 - MIDI-keyboard cuts off

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


What MIDI keyboard do you use? Some MIDI keyboards have kind of "sleep" mode. When they are back, the system doesn't recognise it correctly sometimes.

Would it help just unplug the MIDI keyboard and plug it in back?

Can you see the MIDI Device on the system level (MIDI Audio Setup utility) when this happens?
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