Combined Panner control with CC121

All about Steinberg's Advanced Integration Controller CC121.
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Combined Panner control with CC121

Post by BenjaminLucas »

I have a CC121 and use Nuendo 5.

The CC121 panner works with the balanced panner but if I use the "Combined Panner" option - which is my preferred way of working doing post/sound design, the CC121 pan only seems to control the left.

Is this just a bug on my system somehow?
Does this issue affect anyone else.

There should be a way of using a modifier key or something, to allow the pan encoder to control both of the pan settings but I cant figure out how to make it work with anything except the balance panner. Curious if anyone else can.

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Re: Combined Panner control with CC121

Post by MarcoE »

I can't either...
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