Difference Between 'Insert FX" Reverb...and Send FX Reverb.

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Difference Between 'Insert FX" Reverb...and Send FX Reverb.

Post by weehaggis »

As per title,can anyone tell me the difference between the Insert FX ,Reverb and the Send FX Reverb ?

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Re: Difference Between 'Insert FX" Reverb...and Send FX Reve

Post by samueltornqvist »

Inserts happens before. Sends happens after.

Example: An audio-track with a reverb-insert. That means the entire track gets affected by this reverb. It is mixed in the signal, the output is changed on this audio-track. You have no separate reverb control (a part from the effect-plugin itself.) All changes done to the audio-track affects the insert as well.

When you have a reverb on a "send" on an audio-track, you are also sending the audio signal to a separate track where the reverb (or other plugin) is located. That track is often called FX-track, and is actually a track with an insert on it (in this case a reverb.) Now you have more control over the reverb, you can change the volume of the FX-track, you can EQ it, pan it etc, mute it without affecting the original audio-track. But when these two tracks are combined it sounds like there is a reverb on the audio track.

In cubase you either create a FX-track with an insert on it (in this case a reverb) that you then send something to, or the FX track gets created automatically when you "add FX channel" in one of the send-slots in the channel settings.

The benefit of a FX track is that you can send several audio tracks to it and save both work and cpu-power.

It is common to use certain plugins on the insert-slots, like compressors, EQ, and modulation-effects. Because in most cases you want those effects to affect the entire signal. But there are no rules. Experiment. It is totally ok to put a reverb on the insert too.

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Re: Difference Between 'Insert FX" Reverb...and Send FX Reverb.

Post by bdpg »

Now that's a clear and helpful reply! Thank you Samuel for explainign so clearly.

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