Blacklisting Steinberg Stuff

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Blacklisting Steinberg Stuff

Post by felis »

I'm wondering why Steinberg installs stuff and then blacklists it.

For example, in Cubase, my Halion, Halion Sonic, and Groove Agent VST2/64 bit are blacklisted - and I get a message that 32 bit plug-ins are no longer supported, even though those are 64 bit.

The reason, I guess, is that I use the VST3 versions. But if so, why does it install the VST2 versions also. Shouldn't there be some kind of page when you're installing stuff that lets you choose what to install? I would only install the VST3/64 bit versions then.
Sure, you can track other versions down and delete them, but it seems like a needless hassle.

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Re: Blacklisting Steinberg Stuff

Post by David W »

Some third-party host applications still do not support VST3 - either at all, or in still useful older versions. Other third-party hosts that support VST3 are more robust with VST2 plugins.

Steinberg hosts work better with VST3 versions of Steinberg plugins, as you would expect from the creator of the VST3 standard. There is little advantage in not installing a VST2 version as the disk space saving is tiny - most of the disk space used is the content, which is shared between all installed versions of the plugin.

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