Bias Fx 2 Sound Quality really bad

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Bias Fx 2 Sound Quality really bad

Post by NEPR »

I have just purchased Bias FX 2 and noticed that the sound quality of Bias FX 2 (reverb, chorus, etc) sound awful; same for Bias FX (previous version).
Then compared this vst plug in with Garage Band and there it sound really amazing nice and clear. Have anyone experienced the same problem ? And if so, is there any stet up to fix that ?

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Re: Bias Fx 2 Sound Quality really bad

Post by Seeking »

HI. I also got Bias FX(not FX 2) and find the presets sounds bad. I also got Bias amp 2 and here the presets sounds are much better. Barely use FX, only amps 2
Havent "tweaked" FX thou.


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