Where is the The Grand update?

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Where is the The Grand update?

Post by Macken »

On Steinbergs web page regarding Catalina compatibility, it stated that a Catalina compatible update for The Grand should be here in Q4 2019.

This forum is topped by a release notice from Frank Seidel, regarding v3.2.0, published on Jan 18, 2019!

In Steinbergs "Download Assistant" v3.2.0 is still presented as the latest version!

On the download page on the Steinberg site v3.1.0 (?!?) is given as the latest version!

Well, Q4 2019 has more than come and gone. So, where is the Catalina compatible update to The Grand?

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Re: Where is the The Grand update?

Post by David W »

3.2.0 is available in the "VST Instruments & Plugins" section of Steinberg Download Assistant. SDA is now Steinberg's preferred way of distributing products online.

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