Render to temp file not finding 44.1KHz Master

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Render to temp file not finding 44.1KHz Master

Post by Southae »

In a recent twist to a formerly functioning issue, when trying to burn multiple CD's via the montage, an error when rendering the temporary file indicates "You can only use 44100 Hz Audio files in a CD".
However the montage file indicates it IS 44.1Khz and 16 bits, created from a 44.1Khz/16 Bit master wave file. And I can one-off a single CD just fine!
Perhaps the issue lies with the sequence of events to master the cd file from a 48KHz, 32-bit float file. Tracks and all processing are executed on this file, which is then "rendered" to a 44.1KHz/16Bit file using, among other plugs, the Crystal Resampler during the rendering process. This rendered 44.1/16 file is then saved and under the Edit tab, a montage is created from this file.
I've not had time to catch up with WL8 and WL9 yet, so am continuing to use WL7-32bit on my Windows 10 PC, which has had no troubles until recently... Perhaps a Windows 10 upgrade issue???
Thanks for any light you can shed on this issue. It's not a show-stopper, but is aggravating to do make individual CD's one at time!
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Re: Render to temp file not finding 44.1KHz Master

Post by bob99 »

It works ok here using the same procedure, WL7-32, latest Win 10 with auto updates.

Have you tried temporary Safe Start, holding down ctrl-shift-alt at startup? You don't get the safe start dialogs in Wavelab, but it does seem to temporarily disable the prefs, to see if the prefs are the problem. ... ences.html

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