Solution for Ci1 on Macbook Catalina

This section is about Steinberg's USB audio interfaces CI1, CI2 and CI2+
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Solution for Ci1 on Macbook Catalina

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Hi guys, as a "tech idiot", I struggled a lot to fix my ci1 for my Macbook after updating cause I didn't want to spend more money on a new interface.

So, FIRST AND FOREMOST, ensure your ci1 is working (as well as its' cable) by connecting to a windows com to try to see if there is a "new device input", if there is, it means your ci1 is STILL FUNCTIONING and you should be able to use it on the macbook if you follow these steps:

(Do ensure that you have uninstalled the ci1 driver if you have it installed)

Download the following softwares on your Mac in sequence WITHOUT PLUGGING IN the ci1 to the mac.

1. Yamaha E-Licenser Control Center ... enser.html
Download it. I didn't bother running the software after it was downloaded. But if it prompts to restart, restart it.

2. CI1 Driver ... river.html
Depending on which interface you're using, find your latest driver from the official website. There will be a prompt to allow the installation - you will need to go to your system preference > security & privacy > click to unlock to make changes > allow. It will prompt to restart after installing but HOLD ON TO RESTARTING!!

Connect your ci1 to your macbook, then click restart (from the driver installer).

Once you have restarted your macbook, go to system preference > sound > you should see your ci1 in the options.
If you do, you should see it in your DAW softwares & logic pro x too!

Hope this helps cause I literally spent 2 hours trying to figure out.

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