Allow overwriting of files

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Allow overwriting of files

Post by toader »

Hi PG,

In regard to this post: viewtopic.php?f=244&t=149439

I'm using the record dialog to record, and I want to overwrite a file that already exists (I have already deleted this file from the montage). I've noticed that even if I save the montage, close it, and reopen it, Wavelab still tells me the file is open, but the file is not open, nor is it even in the montage. Can you make Wavelab flush the undo history when all files have been closed? This way, when I close a montage history is flushed, and I can reopen it to be able to overwrite files... Otherwise, in order to overwrite files in the record dialog, I literally have to close Wavelab and reopen it.

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Re: Allow overwriting of files

Post by PG »

Maybe a bug. If you want to succeed in that case, quit and relaunch WaveLab.

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