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Phan Tuan
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WaveLab Pro 10 Render

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Hi everybody
excuse me for not being good at English, I was just using Wavelab pro 10, and I had a problem that when Render realtime, the output sounded different than it was at WaveLab, it tended to be more harsh, I hope everyone helps me, thank you very much, I am from Vietnam.

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Re: WaveLab Pro 10 Render

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With only plugins ... yes? No external gear.

Unless there is something very unusual with your plugins, this should not be different.

To check: Render the track. Then re-render realtime.

Compare the two rendered tracks (audio file compare) or simple null test.

They should be be identical.

For your information, this has been endlessly debated by ProTools users but the two renders are always identical.

Hope this helps



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