REQ - Play from Cursor OR Play Selection with JUST Space

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REQ - Play from Cursor OR Play Selection with JUST Space

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Hi, PG. I hope you're doing well.

Here I go again, with my requests about play operation ... I hate to be annoying. I'd like WaveLab to conform more to how general editors work in terms of playback. There's already been a lot of improvements in this regard and I feel truly happy and thankful about the fact that there's such a great connection between developer and users in WaveLab's case! Anyway:

When I press SPACE...

- If there's a selection: play that selection
- if there's no selection: play from cursor position

I don't want Ctrl-Space for the first and Space for the latter. The dual keys interrupt my flow; the editor should know what I want to play according to above. In my opinion this is much more convenient and how most editors work. I realise it's more complicated than we users might think, but please consider this. Everything else is so fast in WL, but the speed falls short if you have to use different Space combinations for selection playback or not, in my opinion.
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