Bought a new UR22-c dropouts

This section is about Steinberg's UR-C audio interfaces product range
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Bought a new UR22-c dropouts

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Hey! I bought the UR22C usb interface and I have been trouble with audio dropouts, especially on youtube.
When i use my DAW (reaper) it is not as present,
when listening to music via Spotify it is not as present.
when I Look at youtube clips the dropouts is more frequent.

I did not have this problem with my previous audiointerface (not steinberg). I have done the following from what i could find from troubleshooting:

1: Disable CPU Intel Boost in Bios
2: Swapped to "High Speed Usb 2.0, from usb 3.0
3. Tried diffrent USB ports, both 2.0 and 3.0
4. Updated my motherbard bios, drivers, and firmware from the manufacturer (MSI)
5. Updated windows 10 x64 to newest update
6. Updated the Steinberg UR22C to newest driver (2.0.3), and firmware
7. Turning off Selective USB power in Control Panel
8. Jumped between diffrent buffersize and Hz on the ASIO driver in the interface.
9: Disconnecting all other USB devices

I get the USB error message on the Yamaha USB driver app about USB intereference.

I have read a few forum threads about this, is this common? We tried the interface on my parters Macbook and it worked flawless. No dropouts from either youtube,spotify or DAW. Would love some help of if anyone here knows why this is happening?

MSI b250m bazooka motherboard
16gb ram
SSD samsung 1tb
i5 7500

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