Upgrade / trial question

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Upgrade / trial question

Post by Fitz »

I want to try SpectraLayers Pro 6 and have been trying to get my key which doesn't arrive by email, but it looks like I signed up for a trial back in July last year when it was 50% off (which I have no memory of) which explains that. I tried registering the key but it says it's already been used however I don't see any expired keys in my eLicense Control Center on either my studio Mac or MacBook. I don't recall trying it so perhaps I input the key and forgot about it. (Perhaps I had been drinking that night...)

At the time I probably didn't have much use for it but now I need to know if it's able to do a job I need to do and will buy it if it can.

First question is, can I get another trial key..?

Second question is I don't see any upgrade path from SpectraLayers Elements 6 to SpectraLayers Pro 6 - if I buy Elements and decide I need the 'Pro' features, am I expected to pay full price for Pro...? Surely that's not right..?

Third question is if I can't get a key and there is no upgrade path, can anyone recommend alternative spectral editors?
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Re: Upgrade / trial question

Post by Howl »

there will be a upgrade path from elements to pro, as already stated in a thread, here.


so you can safely buy elements.


a new trial key? i do not know. try it.. not a real answer..
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