Export Mixdown Relative Path

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Export Mixdown Relative Path

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It seems to me the existing initial feature of having the Exported Mixdowns filename to be the same as the project name is there, so that is good.

Alas the only other thing I would like to suggest is that one be able to set the folder for the Exported Mixdown to a Relative Path.
I would put "Mixdowns/" as the path so wherever the Project Folder or Project Files path is that would become the base for a Relative Path entry.
There could be a checkbox for Relative Path and then it would be so, and except text entry in the path field or accomidate when selecting via the browser option.
I do see the Audio folder option but that is not where Mixdowns should be in my world.

Easy Fix, Great Feature, Please consider seriously, thanks.


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Re: Export Mixdown Relative Path

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