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OMF export guidance

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I'm exporting my first project to OMF so it can be mixed in ProTools. The project is 96K 32bit float. What's the correct process i need to follow - do I need to convert everything to mono 24bit in the pool then reimport every bit of audio into a new project before exporting it again, or is there a simpler way of doing things?

Am on a deadline here so any rapid guidance would be super appreciated.

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Re: OMF export guidance

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I recently exported an OMF for a Pro Tools user with these settings:

Tick the track name boxes you wish to export, as well as the following boxes:

'Copy Media'
'OMF 2.0'
'Export All to One File' (this took care of any file splitting)
'Clip Based Volume'
'Fade Curves'
'Clip Names'
- Rodney

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