Nuendo 10.3 crashes on FX tracks (edited)

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Nuendo 10.3 crashes on FX tracks (edited)

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Hi Group

On one of our Mac's (Mac mini/Catalina) I keep having crashes on FX tracks with Altiverb on it. It happens when editing the settings of Altiverb or copy/pasting settings, but also when I re-route a channel from one FX track to the other, or when I delete FX tracks.

I also tried it with booting Nuendo with disabled preferences and disabled third-party plugins, but it doesn't help.
According to the crash log it keeps crashing on Thread 0.

I've attached the crash log.

Any idea's?

Best, Alan
Nuendo 10.3_2020-07-01-094322_STUDIO3.crash
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Re: Nuendo 10.3 crashes on FX tracks (edited)

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Reported to Steinberg CAN-30415.
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