Nuendo 10.3 - Plugins bugs

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Nuendo 10.3 - Plugins bugs

Post by Bourricoconut »

Hi everyone,

On Nuendo 10.3 / MacOS High Sierra I have 2 issues :

- some mouse jump when I turn some knobs (small issue)
Capture d’écran 2020-06-29 à 17.16.05.png
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- some plugins turned black until I reload the session... (Big issue) Does anyone have this issue ? Can I solve this ?
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Cubase Pro 9 / Nuendo 10.2.1 / MacOS High Sierra
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Re: Nuendo 10.3 - Plugins bugs

Post by SinoSentry »

My Liquidsonics Cinematic Rooms Pro VST3 plugin crashes my Nuendo 10.3 too. Not sure it’s Nuendo’s problem or Cinematic Rooms’...

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Re: Nuendo 10.3 - Plugins bugs

Post by stingray »

Bourricoconut wrote:
Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:24 pm
I have 2 issues
What versions of the plugins are you using?

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Re: Nuendo 10.3 - Plugins bugs

Post by aumeta »

I'm also getting the black plugin issue on Nuendo 10.3 / High Sierra.

Plugins usually display at first, and then after a short time all come up black when displayed. Doesn't seem to be specific to the plugin – happens on both VST and VST3s, across multiple plugin manufacturers. Don't run into the issue on 10.2.

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