Color Track and Expression Maps

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Color Track and Expression Maps

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Hello !

I was looking on the forum if there was a quick workaround with my Request and Suggestions, but can't find one.

I think it could be really helpful to improve Import Track from Project a bit more :

1/ Track Colors : When importing tracks, options window shows us the colors used from the imported project, but if these colors are not already set inside the actual project, that doesn't import the colors and just assigns "random" available colors. (See the attachment picture below).
It would be great to import embeded colors also : really usefull when you work with other people or when you build your template importing only what you need. Could be an option on/off into "Track Data to be Imported" for exemple.

1b/ Track Colors (Mix Console + Track) : Preferences>User Interface>Track & MixConsole Channel Colors>Color Strength Add Color Strength one for Mix Console, and one for Tracks, as we could adjust how much strength we want to avoid too much color saturation on the mixer.

2/ Expression Maps : it could be really helpful to import also expression maps already set on outside projects. Even if tracks are disabled. Could be an option on/off into "Track Data to be Imported" for exemple. For the moment, Expression Maps are not loaded/imported if not already loaded into the session (and it's a pain if you have to reimport one by one 50/100 expression map each everytime). Sometime I work with other people, then when I open their session file and import my tracks to add instruments, no Expression Maps are loaded.

Have a good day,
Thank you !
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