Macro's for plugin on inserts

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Macro's for plugin on inserts

Post by RobertAmentis »

Hey Steinberg,

It would be a really good workflow improvement if the Cubase users were able to create macro's which allows us to have a plugin be inserted on the insert section of a channel automatically, instead of now having to open the mixer, or insert strip on the left, click and type in the plugin you're looking for, with often making spelling mistakes etc.

Hopefully there are more people wanting this!
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Re: Macro's for plugin on inserts

Post by Pablo1980 »

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Re: Macro's for plugin on inserts

Post by thebabegrand »

Like a macro for a specific channel? or how can you explain?
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Re: Macro's for plugin on inserts

Post by mozizo »

you can drag and drop plugins to a track from right zone/mediabay
you FR is to create macro and assign to key command to add specific plugin as an insert to a track ?
or when adding new track it adds plugins to it automatically ? (for this there are track presets)
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Re: Macro's for plugin on inserts

Post by lovegames »

Perhaps, access to track presets via PLE to use in commands/macros.

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