Utility Gain Plugin

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Utility Gain Plugin

Post by toader »

This has been requested for many years now... Surely it's something that Cubase should just include rather than having to seek 3rd party manufacturers for something so simple... Frustrating when you need it and you have to go download or buy it because it's not in Cubase.

Here's an older thread requesting the same: viewtopic.php?t=122590
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Re: Utility Gain Plugin

Post by lovegames »


And or, just a general utility plugin.

-Coarse Gain (6db increments / perfect bit)
-Fine Gain (optimized ala Airwindows Pure Gain)
-Stereo Flip
-Stereo to Mono Sum
-Left/Right Phase invert
-LED/Clipping error detector
-M/S muting/soloing

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Re: Utility Gain Plugin

Post by Aldergrover »

It's one of the weirdest omissions in Cubase.
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