Video handling improvements...

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Video handling improvements...

Post by Puma0382 »

Adding some regular Video FX, still image import and text tools, with some more settings choices for export/format/size etc...

Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio getting it right (for quick, convenient workflow)... ... e=emb_logo
start at 3:40

And no, no... this is not 'feature-creep' - am not asking for DaVinci Resolve video editor here... ;)

At the least, the settings choices for export/format/size are really needed - by all Nuendo folk too of course.! (and maybe would be welcomed by WaveLab users as well..?!)

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Re: Video handling improvements...

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"At the least, the settings choices for export/format/size are really needed"

Videos that come in leave Cubase at 4 times their import size. Please give us options.
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