Next Steinberg sale

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Next Steinberg sale

Post by pedro666 »

Hi guys, been using 7.5 sinve the day it come out but now looking to upgrade to 10.5 at £171

Ive had my moneys worth out of 7.5 and dont mind paying it but would kick myself if i upgraded and a 40% discount popped up a few weeks later as you could understand.

Any idea when the next sale is?or roughly and how often they have them?

Cheers my fellow cubase users and abusers 👍👍

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Re: Next Steinberg sale

Post by Howl »

me thinks in the summer, if i remember correctly.
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Re: Next Steinberg sale

Post by theRoyal1 »

They had that 50% off deal a little while ago, i'd google search and check past dates
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Re: Next Steinberg sale

Post by didit »

No way to know in advance but if you can wait AND Steinberg follow the tradition, update and upgrade sales (two separate ones) should be expected in July/August.

Note that 'update' is not the same as 'upgrade.' According to SB's site Cubase 7.5->Pro is an 'update' so you'll have to wait for an 'update' offer.

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