12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by Lusambo »

Hi Tenkas,
Subscribed! Thanks a lot.

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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by Sb408 »

Thanks for the videos!

I'm halfway through and the musical vs linear time base distinctions, and the modifiers for the different left-click with alt/shift/ctrl were eye opening.
I was clicking in the time ruler painfully sll this time to move the cursor! Now I know it is Alt+shift click, or some such thing.

Nice they are short because I will become aware of many features and be able to go back and dig deeper when I have a fresh brain.
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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by chikitin »

Really great videos. Recommended especially to the beginners.
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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by Pablo1980 »

Lot’s of good info that I had forgotten or never new. Short and sweet too.

I liked the workspaces one but Too bad that workspaces retain zoom and song position. I have pleaded for them to change this (at least let us choose) and never got anywhere
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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by beanstalk40 »

Awesome... thank you Sir!
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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by Paul Coyle »

Wow, These are fantastic, Thankyou!
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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by Stratmaster »


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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by GiacintoFin »

tenkas wrote:
Mon Apr 27, 2020 3:43 pm

I am starting a new youtube channel to help Cubase grow as a community.

I will start by posting tips and tricks that I use daily in Cubase.

Here is the playlist of 12 tips:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... H0YsuDEv4r

Please let me know if these are useful and if you would like some more.

I will also be doing some videos on producing, mixing, composing, arranging, mastering, hardware and software review in the future.

I am also considering doing live shows where I take your songs, analyse them, give feedback, etc.

Feel free to share!

Tips for this Friday May 1 2020
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDrcbzb ... r&index=25

4 more tips for this Sunday May 3 2020
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRkjR7Q ... r&index=38

1 more advanced tip Saturday May 9 2020
Great help. Thank you so much!!
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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by Ian s »

These are great. Thanks.
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Re: 12 Videos: Cubase Quick Tips

Post by suntower »

For -me-, I would appreciate any help with inserting and copying sections of music reliably--particularly with lots of automation or pickup notes.
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