Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

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Re: Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

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I cannot understand those who claim that the Paul Marx demo it works properly. Some files for Padshop are definitely not included in his demo file. I was able to solve this by downloading Paul Marx free "Shoplifter" Preset Bundle which I found on his Youtube channel which includes all used samples and patches used. Now all tracks works as intended. It's a pity that Steinberg, after putting in the energy to produce a demo, neglects it by not ensuring the end quality.
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Re: Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

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hi, i recently purchased elements 10.5 and am having some trouble learning it and getting it do some things i want
i used cubase 5 for many years and had no problems at all, but this has me stumped, i'm embarrased to say
~ for starters, when i import a midi song the tempo is incorrect and is always 120, how can i correct this
~ also, when i double click a track it opens up to show the notes, but i want to see the set up information at the beginning at the song so i can edit it. in cubase 5 you highlighted the track, and hit control G and it all opened up digitally revealing everything in that track can i access this?
~ also when i colour the tracks how can i save them that way so that each time the colours show up automatically? each time i open it they are allways grey
i would appreciate any help you may offer
thanks so much ~ robbie ;-)

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Re: Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

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Ho Robbie,

I'd rather recommend to use the various Cubase sources in Youtube and other forums, instead of asking your application specific question in this threat.

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Re: Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

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These Demos REALLY helped me with Gain Staging - my reading and research had me setting levels a very tiny bit low and the sound was not what I used to get - these projects showed me the levels are really better a bit higher - Thanks!
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Re: Cubase 10.5 Demo Projects

Post by Glorian_Gray »

Matthias Quellmann wrote:
Fri Jan 03, 2020 1:46 pm
We've invited some of YouTube's most popular Cubase users - Jef Gibbons, Paul Marx Media and Marika Takeuchi - to each create an inspiring project in Cubase Pro 10.5.

You can download the projects here:
You forgot Austin Hull from "Make Pop Music" YouTube channel, guys. This guy has much more subscribers and make tons of Cubase vids.
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