IAA with GB needs fix (iPhone XR)

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IAA with GB needs fix (iPhone XR)

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Hi, using Music Studio as IAA in Garageband with Iphone XR makes alot of noise, as in whenever garageband is connected to it, whenever i press a key, it has loud clicks and pops. Ive tried adjusting settings and all that, but still no solution. Any idea on how to solve it???

And i was wondering if its possible to make MS sampler be able to make Round Robin Samples? That would be nice 👍🏻 and also have the app fit the XR screen size because it shows up as cropped. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: IAA with GB needs fix (iPhone XR)

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Thank you for reporting this bug! The cause might be that the iPhone XR (and other newer iPhone models) only support 48kHz, whereas Music Studio only supports 44.1kHz when used as IAA node or host.
One thing you could try is to update to iOS 12.1.3 which contains audio performance related bug fixes. It's worth a try, please let us know if this helps.

Round Robin samples are not planned, sorry.
iPhone X/XS/XR screen support is on the list for future updates.

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