Integrated 360 VR Video Player

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Integrated 360 VR Video Player

Post by Eneco »

Dear Steinberg Team,

for me the most important selling point of Nuendo is the "all-in-one" solution. There are all the FX plugins, ADR tools, metering tools, surround tools, editing tools, mixing plugins, mastering plugins, etc. to get me instantly going. With other DAWs, like Pro Tools, you would need a ton of external plugins to get the same feature set as with Nuendo.

Therefore I was very excited about the announcement of the VR features and was looking forward to a complete set of ambisonic tools, which will be very well integrated within in the Nuendo system. Unfortunately we have to use an external video player for the 360 videos, which is a somewhat cumbersome workflow.

With Steinberg developing their own video engine I think it would be nice to have an internal 360 video player for the work with ambisonics.

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Re: Integrated 360 VR Video Player

Post by Bifop »

Yes please.

Surely less cumbersome than using an external gopro VR player...
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Re: Integrated 360 VR Video Player

Post by rekorderalex »

Is it still the same in Nuendo 10?
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