quantize markers... why not ?

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quantize markers... why not ?

Post by sylvainmoreau »


i'm going thru an abstract animation movie spoting all events on screen to later add sounds to them.
I use markers and then i realise that quantisation was not on so markers are not on frames.. i can manually readjust them all but why not select all / quantize like every thing else ?
oops now that i think of it that function doesn't work for automation even either.
woldn't that be simple to add and usefull ?

other thing i would love is to be able to add a sound to markers like a bip for example so when you play marker track (with an added mute button on it) each marker would send a bip (depending on color ?) just saying.
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Re: quantize markers... why not ?

Post by mitchiemasha »

Yes. That would be good. I'd like the ability to Group automation points across multiple tracks too.
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