ASIO Audio Device as timecode source ?

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ASIO Audio Device as timecode source ?

Post by helgetjelta »

Hi, I want to set up my Nuendo to slave to incoming timecode, but can this be an audio signal coming into my audio interface ?

i.e. can I set up one of my inputs to be used as LTC signal in ?

There is an option in sources, and timecode Source, ASIO Audio Device, but it is greyed out.... and I can find no info about this in the manual...

Any ideas ?
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Re: ASIO Audio Device as timecode source ?

Post by ffg »

It's a while since I've been in this area of work, but you will need something like this ... tails.html

Syncing a DAW to incoming LTC is not straightforward, digital clocks need to be aligned.
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I'm going to to let the situation mature...

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