Halion 6 not issuing MIDI Stop message.

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Halion 6 not issuing MIDI Stop message.

Post by OzMazAU »

Hi Folks,

For a little while now I've had an issue with Halion 6, version 6.0.0 1018 (Jan 31 2017), specifically the 4.0 Accordion sound.

The issue I have is to do with modifying the note number or resizing an existing note.

When I move a note vertically, it does indeed move, but the original position note will sound continuously requiring a MIDI Reset.
Resizing a note causes the same behaviour, continuous note.

Any ideas?


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Re: Halion 6 not issuing MIDI Stop message.

Post by wpostma »

I have the ` key of my keyboard mapped to my midi reset command in my daw (cubase). Not sure why but I have seen similar glitches in Halion, but also see them in Kontakt, and in Falcon. This only happens while editing midi events?

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