Halion 6 activation

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Halion 6 activation

Post by batbal »

Can someone help me please!
I purchased Halion 6 upgrade from Halion Senic SE 3 which is included in Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 10. Currently, I have both versions of Cubase. The problem is that when I try to activate Halion 6, I can't find this Halion 6 in my e-lisence. As you can see in my screenshot I post here, I even installed Halion Sonic SE3 to just try to find a solution but it doesn't work. Is the anyone who know what to do?
Best regards
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Re: Halion 6 activation

Post by David W »

I know this is an old thread and you have probably sorted it out now, but I felt it worth answering as it is something of a FAQ.

You bought an upgrade to HALion 6 from HALion Sonic 3 - the full version of HALion Sonic. You do not have a licence for HALion Sonic 3, which is why your upgrade will not apply. You only have the free HALion Sonic SE together with some content for HALion Sonic SE included in your Cubase licence.

There is no upgrade discount for HALion or HALion Sonic based on ownership of a Steinberg DAW. If you want HALion 6, you must buy a full licence for HALion 6 or Absolute 4.

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Re: Halion 6 activation

Post by Dewsha »

Greetings everybody,

I have another problem of activation. Activation code successfully accepted by e-licenser, software is working properly,
but I can't add Halion6 to my software pack in my private page on steinberg.net website. When I transfer e-licenser data, Halion6 is abscent.
When I try to input activation code directly on the website, it tells that e-licenser doesn't have it, although it does...

What's the problem could be, anybody knows?


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