Halion 6.3 installer is 6.2.20 installer?

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FKP Musik
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Halion 6.3 installer is 6.2.20 installer?

Post by FKP Musik »

Apparantly, when I let Steinberg Download Assistant download the 6.3 installer, and I press "Open", it looks for the 6.2.20 installer in the download folder.
It stated, that the 6.2.20 couldn't be found in the folder, so I thought ok, I'll copy my old 6.2.20 installer to the new 6.3 download folder. So the installer started the proces and now stated, that everything was allready installed.

Anyone else seem to have gotten the 6.2.20 installer instead of the 6.3?
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Re: Halion 6.3 installer is 6.2.20 installer?

Post by robw »

Had this same problem but the 6.3 installer was downloaded so I open the folder and ran it directly. Download assistant appears to be confused as to how to run it.
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