Displaced zone mapping

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Displaced zone mapping

Post by budgerbean »

After testing a macro design, I found that the keys that trigger one of my samples are an octave lower than they should be. No matter how I change the key range or root key for that zone in the mapping editor, the zone can only be triggered by keys an octave lower. I have no idea how it happened, and I can't figure out how to correct it anywhere. You can see from the screenshot that the zone is mapped to a specific range, but is only triggered by the highlighted keys an octave lower. Please help.
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Re: Displaced zone mapping

Post by jeffspc88mx »

Bumping this post to hopefully get an answer - sums up my issue nicely.

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Re: Displaced zone mapping

Post by Gerrit Junge »

Have you used any MIDI module(s) or even scrpting within your instrument(s)?
Can you perhaps send me (g.junge@steinberg.de) a vstpreset that shows that behaviour?

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