Cubase Artist 9.5 Sampler crashes. Help please

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Cubase Artist 9.5 Sampler crashes. Help please

Post by sidge2222 »

Hiya guys, I'm wondering if someone can help me please.

This is becoming extremely frustrating now as it only ever seems to be Cubase which I have issues with. I constantly feel like i'm trawling through the internet until I find solutions or workarounds when this should not be the case considering the money we spend on this software!

Anyway, every time I try to drag an audio or midi part into the Sampler Control, Cubase completely crashes.. I have changed the bit rate, the buffer size and the sample rate all to no avail. I have also completed a safe start and deleted all preferences, as well as starting complete new projects. I have the latest updates installed and I have completed maintenance checks on the eLicenser.

It doesn't matter which samples I attempt to drag and drop, or where I drag them from, literally any audio or midi part being dragged into the Sampler Control will cause Cubase to crash... 'A serious error has occurred'

My usual settings are:
Sample rate 44100
Buffer Size 256
64 Bit float
24 Bit Depth

VST Audio System = Focusrite USB ASIO

Does anybody know of a fix for this?

Thanks in advance
Cubase Artist 64bit 2020.6.6 14.57.dmp
(671.69 KiB) Downloaded 6 times
Cubase Artist 64bit 2020.6.6 16.57.dmp
(1.78 MiB) Downloaded 5 times
Cubase Artist 64bit 2020.6.6 17.10.dmp
(766.16 KiB) Downloaded 5 times

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