VST plugins can only be used in stereo mode

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VST plugins can only be used in stereo mode

Post by hodges999 »

I recently upgraded my interface from a UX2 to an Audient ID22. I'm using Cubase 9.5 PC and since the upgrade I can only create new audio tracks in stereo and not mono otherwise everything is silent with no meter readings (other than the main input channel), also I can only use my amp sims in stereo otherwise they're all completely silent (except the Neural DSP - Nolly which seems to work either way). I never had this problem with the UX2 so I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing with the routing etc.

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Re: VST plugins can only be used in stereo mode

Post by Martin.Jirsak »

Hi and welcome,

My expectation is, this is a cables issue. Maybe USX2 didn't use balanced connectors but ID22 does use it (or the other way around). Do you use "stereo" or "mono" (jack?) cables?
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