Include 'solo' button on automation.

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Gui Fonseca
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Include 'solo' button on automation.

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Hi! I tried hard and got to know through the support chat that it is not possible to automate the 'solo' button. In my mix, I wanted to have a guitar soloed for a couple of bars through automation. No way. I engage 'write' button, do a pass, solo something for a bar but automation does'nt read it back. It would read a 'mute' automation, but doesn't allow the 'solo' automation. PLEASE, make it possible. Such a simple move... The only solution is to group 10 channels just for muting them together to be able to listen to the guitar soloed for a bar... A lot of work for a simple thing. Love Cubase, don't care for ProTools. Keep the reputation of badass and intuitive, great workflow philosophy. Update this!! Thanks.

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