Issue with a note being held - I cannot find the source

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Issue with a note being held - I cannot find the source

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I'm having this weird issue with notes being played and held and I cannot figure out what is triggering them. So I apologize if I am not giving you all the details, because I'm not sure what details are important.

I have a project with about 20 MIDI tracks that are all using the East West VSTs. I also have Expression Maps on almost all of the tracks. Everything has been working fine for the past couple of weeks.

Recently, I did some fine-tuning of the tracks by adding some automation with the Mod wheel. I also made a couple of small changes to one or two Expression Maps.

When I start the piece from the beginning, after a measure or two, the horn and sometimes the trombone will hold a very soft low note, even though they are not playing (they have no MIDI data being sent to them, as far as I can tell.) Then the piece plays for a few more measures and the horn and trombone play. Then I stop the piece and I no longer hear (or see in the mixer) any notes. I then click the Go to Previous Marker button on the transport to move the cursor back to the beginning of the piece - that is when I hear the note being held again.

From the menu, I select MIDI -> Reset and that doesn't usually stop the note from being held.

If I mute out the track that, I still hear it being played - I confirm that it is playing by seeing its level in the mixer.

I think I had messed up the other day by accidentally turning on Write Automation on all the tracks. I've since gone through and I think I've removed all the extra automation - I want to keep the Mod wheel that I recorded on some tracks.

Any ideas what I may have done to cause this and/or what I can do to diagnose the issue?

Thank you so much for the help.

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Re: Issue with a note being held - I cannot find the source

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Try to increase or decrease your Buffer Size, please. This is known with EastWest. It doesn't process the notes will, sometimes.
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