Organizing / Reordering Busses in Audio Connections

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Organizing / Reordering Busses in Audio Connections

Post by morganzw »

I'm new to cubase and one thing I can't seem to find an answer to is if you can change the order of the busses (inputs and outputs) in the Audio Connections dialog. I've set up several templates carefully inputting all my inputs and outs for my setup (UAD Apollo with additional 8 ADAT ins and outs). When I load the preset in a new project or if I load a project template, the busses appear in a completely random order from what I had made. This is highly annoying when trying to set up a bunch of audio tracks and trying to route them quickly. Is there a way to re-order things so that they follow a natural logic (Apollo 1-8, ADAT 1-8, Virtual 1-4, etc...)?

I've looked through the manual and on the forums here, but it seems like maybe it can't be done?

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Re: Organizing / Reordering Busses in Audio Connections

Post by Martin.Jirsak »

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately you can't change the buses order in the Audio Connections.
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Re: Organizing / Reordering Busses in Audio Connections

Post by Juice »

I've been a longtime Nuendo & Cubase user. This has been a long time request. The entire Audio connections is ancient and completely nonsensical. Horrible work flow. When creating a new preset you should be able to reorganize, select the device port when naming the bus, being able to create assign and name as many bus' as you need. Instead you have to go one by one naming and assigning a device port. The ability to Modify presets would also be great. . arrg so brutal, very clumsy. Too much mouse clicking. Too many issues to list here.
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Re: Organizing / Reordering Busses in Audio Connections

Post by AMPAGE »

This IS a bit of a pain, yes. What I have to do is make sure I choose my saved settings first from the drop down, then make changes, then save. Or I make the changes, hit save, make sure I remember what ti is called, hit save and overwrite.

I agree, this section could definitely get some improvement!
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Re: Organizing / Reordering Busses in Audio Connections

Post by artmanjam »

I agree, this window is totally outdated.

Furthermore, even when re-ordering everything in a clean and logical way, Cubase changes the order itself when opening a new project or anything else. No way to have it working as it should...
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