No meters moving, no sound

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No meters moving, no sound

Post by sorent »


Just bought a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and tried to get it working with my Cubase Essentials 5 on my MacBook Pro.
I've checked the Device Setup a million times and everything there looks fine. VST Connections are also good, but when I play a track in Cubase, there's no sound, not even any meters moving....

Any ideas what causes this??
I've been trying to create a new track and import a wav. file into the project to see if it was only my oldrecordings, but the problem's the same here. No meters moving, no sound...

Help please.



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Re: No meters moving, no sound

Post by jgrnfld »

My recording partner is having this problem now - did you have any luck sorting it out?

It turns out the Device Settings weren't right and once we corrected that everything was as it should be. It's always something but it's not always what you think!
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Re: No meters moving, no sound

Post by Martin.Jirsak »


Which version of Mac OS X do you use? If you are on El Capitan, make sure, the Sample Rate is not higher then 48kHz.
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Re: No meters moving, no sound

Post by Vonbleak »

I am having this issue in win 10 with cubase 10.5 and my new motu 828es...
I have the motu asio driver selected - the i/o are active and have been setup in the add/remove buss section...

But i get no metering or audio playback and when i look at superior drummer 3 its telling me "audio engine inactive"?!

This is bonkers

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