Setup and Connecting - Helix Line 6 UR44

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Setup and Connecting - Helix Line 6 UR44

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I'm very new to recording and I’m wondering if I am doing this properly. I really could use the help because I don't want to hack through it. As such I have gone through the documentation but I am a little confused.

I currently have a Helix Line 6 LT and a copy of Cubase 8 AI Elements that came with my Steinberg UR44.

I’m actually following the steps of this youtube video /watch?v=H0u2aIQo8hM
I am also adding screenshots to help with my questions.

I'm sticking with Cubase primarily because I hear it is very good with MIDI and orchestration. This is something that I want to study as a hobby.

I also like the Cubase and Software/Hardware upgrades based on what I have read. But for now I just want to get guitar, drums and keyboard going.

I currently have my Helix Line 6 connected to a UR44 with an XLR cable.

1) Im wondering if I'm supposed to put the XLR to 1/4 cable in ports 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 like the images.(screenshots)

1 and 2 are called MIC/Hi-X, 3 and 4 are MIC/LINE. I am wondering which two the 1/4 end is supposed to be in and why? Again I'm just following the video above as close as I can.
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2) I have this tool called DspMixFx that on it's own works fine. I can hear my guitar. But when I launch Cubase I get the second error (screenshot 2).

If I cancel out of it I don't have any audio when I choose Steinberg UR44 Guitar Vocal Recording 1 but I do get audio on Steinberg UR44 Multi Channel Recording. I'm just wondering why?
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Re: Setup and Connecting - Helix Line 6 UR44

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1) The 1st picture are outputs, the 2nd picture are inputs. You can use XLR for all 4 inputs or jack 6,3 for all inputs.

2) Once you start Cubase, the dspMixFX is controlled by Cubase, therefore you cannot use the DspMixFx application.
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