Idea: Grid for pasting with Alt+Click

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Idea: Grid for pasting with Alt+Click

Post by Asacius »

Dear Doricians and Developers,

when you copy&paste some selection by Alt + clicking, it's sometimes hard to see where you have to click to paste the selection at the right position. Sure you can easily move it, but wouldn't it be smoother to show a grid just above/at the bar (similar to the already existing rhythmic grid) when Alt is pressed and the mouse hovers over a bar? In the system track there already appears a rhythmic grid when pressing Alt, but that isn't useful as it is too far away from the staves.

If you create the condition that it only shows while your mouse is moving over a bar, it wouldn't add too much visual clutter, because it would not show on normal key combinations like Alt+ArrrowUp.

Thanks and have a nice day
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Re: Idea: Grid for pasting with Alt+Click

Post by dankreider »

Excellent idea!
Dan Kreider
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Re: Idea: Grid for pasting with Alt+Click

Post by PjotrB »

Absolutely, +1
Peter Bouma, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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