Multiple flows on one page for Flash Cards?

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Multiple flows on one page for Flash Cards?

Post by L3B »

As a former piano and composition teacher (long retired), I have often found note-name flash cards to be useful in teaching new students the early fundamentals or note-reading, in both treble and bass clef. (Especially when it comes to ledger lines above and below the staff.)

I occurs to me that customized sets of flash cards for learning the note names of strange and unfamiliar clefs, such as French Violin and Baritone clefs, to name but two, might be useful. The same might be true for learning alto, tenor, and soprano clefs, which high-end music schools want you to be able to sight-read. However, the only way I can think of to accomplish this, within Dorico, would be to have each flash card be a separate flow, and have, say eight flows per letter-sized page. arranged two cards across and four cards high. (Or something like that.)

By using a Custom rastral size with a space size of, say, 0.25 inch per space, I have achieved a single flow with the proper size of staff and note for this purpose. I haven't tried the following yet, but I assume I could create enough music frames of small enough size to achieve what I am envisioning, with one card in each frame. The resulting document would of course have to be printed on heavy card stock and then cut into individual cards to achieve the appropriate end product.

My question, without spending hours and hours of experimentation answering it for myself, is: Can anyone here think of a better way to approach this problem, which is, admittedly, not one that is common to most of our users? (!)
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Re: Multiple flows on one page for Flash Cards?

Post by Derrek »

What would happen if you used codas flush with the left margin that only reached (about) halfway across the page? You could then take each odd page, swivel it 180 degrees and feed it back through for the following even page. Once you cut the cards, the orientation would not matter.

You'd probably want to do some tests with margins so that your cuts across the page would center the two sets identically.
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Re: Multiple flows on one page for Flash Cards?

Post by Daniel at Steinberg »

You certainly could use multiple short flows, each in its own music frame. But another approach might be to use a single flow, using codas to create splits between each flash card.

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